The Camp in Saint Prex (October 2023) was the last Barça Camp organized by SySport in Switzerland.
It was a wonderful journey, which began in Summer 2016 in Bellinzona, Ticino, with the first FC Barcelona Camp organized in Switzerland, and continued year after year in many other swiss regions: 46 Barça Camps Swiss, 4000 children participating, 330 days of Camp, are a fundamental part of SySport’ professional life.
Geneve (11), Zurich (5), Frauenfeld, Lugano (5), Lausanne, Montreux (2), Sion (3), Liestal (3), Olten (2), Bienne (3), Bellinzona (3), Saint Prex (5), Effretikon (2)
We are satisfied of what we have built in Switzerland, we are proud of our Barça Camps Swiss project. We lived emotions and experiences that will remain in our hearts forever.
With this little photo gallery, we wanted therefore to pay homage and to wholeheartedly thank all the swiss families for letting us this experience, for having trusted in us, for entrusting to us their children, for having understood what has always been the objective of our Barça Camp project from the beginning: giving every child an intense and highly professional football experience, but always within a family environment.
We did our best to make the Barça Camp an unforgettable experience for every single swiss child.